GhostPress Anonymous WordPress Hosting.

GhostPress offers fast, secure, and simple privacy oriented WordPress hosting at a price you can afford.

Problems GhostPress Solves

  • No personal information is asked for, only an email. Hosting providers are a high value target for hackers, and breaches are frequent. Not to mention unscrupulous providers that share your data!
  • Traditional payments such as Credit Card and Paypal are not accepted. Raptoreum (RTM) which is a Cryptocurrency is the only accepted payment method.
  • In 2022 over 422 million people were affected by data breaches and leaks of personal information. It is impossible for GhostPress to contribute to these terrifying numbers.
  • Inflated WordPress hosting costs are not found here. We have eliminated a major source of cost and manhours by greatly decreasing the risk of fraud.
  • RAS (Raptoreum Authentication System) removes hacks that effect traditional 2FA methods, such as sim swaps.

What You Get

  • The latest cutting edge tech, from custom built and tuned WordPress servers and security, to built for WordPress CDN (quic).
  • A plethora of features that normally cost many times more what GhostPress charges. Backups, A1 support, custom CDN access, enhanced security, and more is included.
  • A platform and environment constantly evolving, innovating, and improving to make your WordPress based website or store the best that it can be.

Under the hood

GhostPress use a highly performant and efficient stack and environment built and tuned specifically for WordPress. A combination of OpenLiteSpeed (OLS), LSAPI, Percona database, LiteSpeed Cache, Quic Cloud CDN, and Redis deliver an extremely responsive, robust, light hosting environment able to handle large amounts of traffic.

This perfect storm of cutting edge WordPress hosting technology allows GhostPress to offer hosting that others charge 100s or even 1000s of dollars a month for at a fraction of the cost.


Another product

Example description hello world

6344 RTM/mo
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Great starter package, up to 10 sites with low to mid-range traffic.

9515 RTM/mo
  • GhostPress Stack (read more)
  • WAF Included
  • 7 Layers of Caching
  • Backups Included (daily)
  • Quic | HTTP/3 Enabled
  • Integration
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*Vistors unlimited until you hit max bandwith cap, than overages apply.
*Must be using QUIC CDN

Frequently asked questions

Ghostpress doesn't not provide domains nor emails. You need to have your domain ready beforehand.